Trainees testimonials

It was a very well organized course, where I’ve got a lot of information and competencies for my own work.

Edda Henze, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V. 

The organisation was good and I’ve learnt a lot, but also it was good that we had free time!

Silke Schröder, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V. 

I recommend this course, not only for the contents and the skills I have improved, but also about their sense of hospitality. We really enjoyed the social meetings over dinner. We tasted superb food and learned a lot about Greek music and culture.

María Francia Gabriel Santos , Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá

It’s a very good course and I hope that I’ll use it in my professional and personal life.

Inmaculada Olías Álvarez, Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá


Anastasio Pineda Benítez, Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá

What a wonderful week! A big thank you and a hug to everyone at IDEC!

Nevzat Yuksel, UK - London Nautical School 

I can warmly recommend all your In-service-courses to all potential participants. It was a great experience for me to work in your company for one week together with people from other countries in December 2012. I had a big benefit till today and I can use the results in my daily work. I recommended your courses already to my partners in Germany and abroad.

Edda Henze, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V.

Very useful course, well prepared and experienced trainers, friendly atmosphere, interesting social programme....After my report our NA decided to include the course as a 'good practice'. Congratulations to the organizers!

Zbigniew Durczok, Poland - Stowarzyszenie Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Chrzanowie

Many thanks to you (Natassa) and all Idec team. You have done really good job not only in terms of the training but also the social activities.

Petra Pečová, Czech Republic was a superb course, intersting and fascinating as well as extremely useful and well organised. I thank you for your excellent guidance throughout the course and for being a great lecturer and mentor. I know we all appreciated your help and interst in our learning. I also wish to thank all your colleagues at IDEC for the excellent social agenda that you provided for us. The trip to The Acropolis was superb and all the evenings spent at various excellent Greek restaurants in Piraeus were just brilliant. The kindness and warmth that you all showed us and the welcoming gestures you all pepared for us were fabulous...I hope to attend another of your courses sometime early next year in 2013.

John Charles Lopez, UK - Greenwich School of Management

In August 2013 I participated in a course "Evaluation and Quality Assurance" organized by IDEC SA in Greece (near Korinthos). The course lasted five days, was perfectly organized and conducted. Professional coaches and very good atmosphere on the course meant that the training has brought a lot of benefits. While I had the time to learn and to relax and know the Greek culture. The organization of the course, prepared materials were very interesting and helpful. I recommend training organized and conducted by IDEC SA.

Stanislawa Gurbowicz, Poland - Kuratorium Oswiaty w Gdansku

Thank you for a fantastic course. It has really improved my work about evaluation here in Sweden. We recommended the course to our colleagues.

Anette Klang Jensen, Sweden - Universitets-och högskolerådet

The content was right on the mark for the tasks that fill my everyday work. It will sharpen my arguments in many contexts. The content presented by instructors, in very good English, with extensive expertise in creating good learning situations and to contribute with many concrete examples related to my area of responsibility. They were also good at creating a safe climate in which we all dared to contribute examples, ask questions and more. It was also positive that we had to work with their own concrete examples and got good supervision in them. They also created the opportunity for us to compare our education system and how we manage quality and evaluations.
I will use my newly gained knowledge in many contexts in my profession. My new knowledge will come in use in my next major evaluation effort to sharpen the explanations and arguments for the whole evaluation process but also in all future development efforts so that I can become sharper about: what, how , who, when, follow-up etc. It will also strengthen me in communicating and motivate my choices about why / what / how and to. Issues in upcoming evaluations will hopefully also become sharper and be more clearly linked to the purpose of the evaluation.
We had three different trainers during the five day course. They used slide shows in their lectures, they gave many concrete examples related to our area (preschool / school), where it was possible , they asked for examples from our home countries, leading to new experiences and comparisons. They also used the workshops where they asked us to use an area so that in the practical exercises applied to a field relevant for us, giving great benefit to our work at home. The course ended with a certification and evaluation.
They had also planned nice events for us in the evenings, like sightseeing, dinner at local restaurants and even dinner in their own home.
I can really recommend IDEC as a course provider about evaluation and quality assurance.

Christina "Ninni" Jönne, Sweden - Universitets-och högskolerådet

We had a great time, social programme was well planned and executed. Sense of hospitality was also great. Thank you for everything.

Vaida Krisciunaite, Lithuania - Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts

All went great. I appreciate very high care about all group and programme was created.

Fausta Puzanoviene, Lithuania - UAB METGA

There was a good balance between theoretical and practical parts and a good presentation.

Dimitra Skoyfi – Katsidonioti, Greece - OCEAN NGO

I can highly reccomment the training course about Quality Assurance that I took part in, in April 2012. The training was very well organized, as was the social programme. IDEC used experienced trainers and there was always the opportunity to start discussion about quality topics. The programme is a combination of instruction and working on documents that may be usable for your own organization.
It was an extra value that we were an international training group. I learned not only from the two trainers in the course, but also from the fruitful discussions we had during the training (and during the evening programme) with my colleagues from other educational institutes and countries. I would definitely participate in a follow up course, of this may ever be organized. Well done!

Margrieta Kroese, The Netherlands - Landstede V.E.T.

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