Mobility programmes

For Staff in education and training we provide Structured training courses and Study visits

For Students in Vocational Training we provide Work placements

We also provide:

  •   Structured training courses
  •   Informal training programmes with study visits and workshops
  •   Traineeships
  •   Social and cultural programme
  •   Accommodation, transport and practical arrangements

We work in Athens, Piraeus, Crete, Peloponnesos and islands.

Training courses

We provide training courses of 5, 6 and 7 days duration for staff in education and training in various subjects. Our scheduled training courses are:

Moreover, we can organise training courses on demand in the following areas:

  • Education
    • School management and leadership
    • Pedagogy
    • Adult learning – andragogy
    • European education policies and instruments
  • Business and management
    • Environmental management (EMAS, ISO 14000)
    • Food safety – HACCP
    • Health and safety
    • Renewable sources of energy – energy efficiency
    • Entrepreneurship and SMEs

The training courses are tailored to the training needs of the group, with case studies, projects and exercises in particular sectors. The language of our courses is English. The participants should have level C1 of English language. Our trainers are qualified with experience in vocational training.

The training courses take place either in Piraeus, in our own training centre or in training rooms in Athens, Peloponnesos and islands.

We provide to our trainees certificate of attendance and Europass Mobility Certificate.

Study visits

We organise study visits for staff in education and training. We organise theme – specific workshops, round tables and study visits to organisations and companies. We cooperate with organisations in Lifelong Learning, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Small Business, Business Associations, Trade Unions, Business Support Organisations, vocational training centres and vocational schools, companies in a wide range of sectors.

See our mobility programme for hospitality / catering sector

Work placement

We organise placements for students in vocational education, in Attica region (Athens, Piraeus, suburbs), Peloponnesos (Korinthos, Argolis, Messinia, Lakonia, Arkadia) and islands. Work placements and study visits are in a wide range of sectors and include qualifications at different levels, from EQF level 2 to EQF level 6. We have a wide network of collaborating companies and organizations.

We provide support for the matching of the training needs of the interns to the needs of the hosting companies, guidance, supervision, monitoring and quality assurance of the placement.

Each intern receives a Mobility Certificate at the end of the work placement.

The candidates should have B1 level of English, French or German languages. Knowledge of other languages is highly appreciated.

See our workplacements for therapeutic horse riding

Cultural activities

We provide cultural programme, including series of social events, so that the participants get to know the Greek culture and hospitality. The selection of activities depends on the synthesis and the interests of the group. As an indication we organise walking tours, cycling tours, visits to archaeological places, museums, cultural centres, parks, places of natural beauty, beaches, mountains, daily excursions, etc.

The standard package for cultural programme includes the cost for one common dinner and a walking tour of Athens city centre. In addition, we organise further cultural events such as cooking lessons, music and dance lessons, history lessons and there is a wide offer of guided tours in archaeological and historic sites.


We provide accommodation to suit any needs and budget. We have negotiated special low prices with hotels centrally located in Athens and Piraeus. We arrange self catering furnished apartments of 1-4 rooms that can be rented individually or shared. We offer accommodation packages including lunch and dinner, upon request.


We arrange transport from/to Athens airport. Depending on the size of the group, we arrange a bus, minivan or taxis.

In Athens and surroundings, there is an efficient network of public transportation including buses, metro, tram and trolleys. Taxis are inexpensive and convenient. There are different cards and tickets from single ticket to monthly card. 


An indicative list of sectors for work placements and study visits is provided in the table below.

Sectors Qualifications
Food industry Food technology, chemistry, quality management, HACCP
Textile, clothing, footwear Design, production, marketing
Publishing and printing Graphic design, desktop publishing, ICT, internet and social media
Metal manufacturing Engineering, design
Solar thermal industry Engineering, marketing, exports, communication
Retail trade Marketing, sales, internet
Wholesale trade Logistics, marketing 
Hotel Tourism, ICT, internet and social media
Restaurants and catering Tourism, cooking
Travel agencies Tourism, languages, ICT and social media
Tour operators Tourism, languages, guides, ICT and social media
Information technology Programming, web development, hardware, computer networks
Management consulting Business administration, engineering, economics, quality management, environment 
Education Vocational education and training, adult education, languages, ICT,  pre-school education, pedagogy
Culture Cultural management, events planning, communication
Social and healthcare Medical and nursing, psychology
Renewable energy Photovoltaic design, instalment and maintenance 
Crops and farms Biofarming, olive, wine, horse breeding, horse training 
Agricultural services  Agronomist, biofarming 
Fishing   Aquaculture 

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