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Creativity Lab
Designing CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning
Developing soft skills
Drama in Education
Education for sustainable development
Entrepreneurial skills for 21st Century
European Project Manager - Building European Identity at Educational and Training organisations
European Qualification Framework and ECVET
Evaluation and Quality Assurance in education and training
Game-based learning
ICT in Education
Inclusive education: tackling with classroom diversity and early school leaving
Innovative Teaching Methods
Intercultural Competences
Quality management in education and training. ISO 9001 & ISO 29990
Stress-free schools and classrooms
The world, our classroom: Museums and cultural landscape

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I liked it very much!

Marta, Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal

The course was both stimulating and delivered with valuable content. Very pleasant, theoretical and practical in a balanced way. I could take it again. It tought us to remember to create and break routine and communicate that to our public. Creativity is a very underestimated subject although it is the fuel to everything we do and the way to always go forward.

Alexandra, Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est, Romania

I enjoyed it! Congratulations!

Joao, Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal

It was good inspiration for the future and a good starting point to change the way I teach at school.

Sigrid, Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Estonia

IDEC: very nice personnel!

Delia, Lycée Nic-Biever, Luxembourg

Idec is a great organization. They are all helpful and gave us the necessary information. You immediately felt welcome.

Alexia, Lycée Nic-Biever, Luxembourg

I really enjoyed the creativity lab course. Now please, fingers crossed, that I manage back home to have my creativity lab. Ok, I will have… a small one for begging.

Ivana, Primary School Grigora Viteza, Croatia

The course was very useful for my future practice as a teacher and was very fun and entertaining. Thanks to the participants and our hosts, especially Xenia and Lila. Thank you for the lovely experience!

Elena, Srednja skola Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir, Croatia

The course is very various and provides the participants with different aspects of creativity which may be used in classroom.

Anna, Gimnazjum nr 1, Poland

It is very interesting for opening the mind and do something different and useful to help to create a better atmosphere in our classes.

Augusto, Asociación Cultural Meridinao Imaginario, Spain

Well organized course and helpful teachers.

Sergül, Yeşilyazı Ortaokulu, Turkey

Creativity Lab is so contagious! Pass it on!

Jan, GO! Geel, Belgium

I highly recommend this class for everyone interested in creativity. This class offered tools to work with at my job. Group spirit was great and we had so much fun! Visiting Greece was an excellent experience!

Sonja, Raumanmeren Merimuseosäätiö sr, Finland

This course helped me a lot and it contributes to my professionalisation! I am sure I am going to use some of the things I've learned here to plan and make my own media message with my students. I got different inputs that triggered my creativity.

Marina, Osnovna škola Pantovčak, Croatia

I take a lot of inspirational ideas and challenges to my day-to-day job!

Raquel, Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança, Portugal

The most things we saw in course I already knew but I learned to see them in another perspective to use them in another way in class.

Karen, GO! Geel, Belgium

I met my learning expectations and gained more interest on those subjects. Liked the way our group was creative together and in every person a change appeared. Thank you.

Eda, Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Estonia

Really enjoyed it. Interesting and very creative ideas that helped me develop as a teacher! Go for it!

Christiana, Dimotiko Konstantinoupoleos, Cyprus

I am happy that creativity can be learned and has a process and a practice. I like controled processes and methodologies, because they are better for my way of learning. Thank you very much to all the team of trainees and to the staff, who were all really nice and lovely! See you soon!

Ivone, Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança, Portugal

Designing CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning

A great atmosphere during our stay. An excellent bonding experience with our course participants; hosts and the trainer are extremely helpful and welcoming.

Tatjana, Primary School Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, Serbia

Overall if theres is a mark 10 I would gladly tick it. Very useful course, brilliant teacher, as well as the logistics. Very helpful!

Nada, Primary School Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, Serbia

It has been very helpful. It covered all my expectations.


This is one of the best CLIL courses i have attended. Experiencing Greek culture was an added bonus.

Lidija, Primary School Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, Serbia

I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve teaching skills, to explore CLIL's way of thinking and acting, to share the ideas, to meet new people and different culture. A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Dragana, Primary School Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, Serbia

I will come back to Greece, to Athens, to IDEC, taking part in another course :)

Andrea, Secondary school Saale-Elster Auen, Germany

Developing soft skills

It was a very well organised course, where I’ve got a lot of information and competencies for my own work.

Edda, Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in MV, Germany

It was a good organisation and I learned much but it was good that we also had free time.

Silke, Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in MV, Germany


Anastasio, I.E.S. Jacarandá, Spain

I recommend this course, not only for the contents and the skills I have improved, but their sense of hospitality. We really enjoyed the social meetings over dinner. We tasted superb food and learned a lot about Greek music and culture.

María Francia, I.E.S. Jacarandá, Spain

It’s a very good course and i hope that I’ll use it in my professional and personal life.

Inmaculada, I.E.S. Jacarandá, Spain

Organised perfect!!!

Margarita, Šiaulių Stasio Šalkauskio gimnazija, Lithuania

It was perfect, thank you!

Daiva, Šiaulių Stasio Šalkauskio gimnazija, Lithuania

The course was very important for me and my job.

Inga, Association of non-formal education "Abadele", Lithuania

I recommend this course for self-improvement. Now I have so much ideas and I’m ready to use it.

Loreta, Association of non-formal education "Abadele", Lithuania

Drama in education

Coming from a Classical Liceo learning drama in teaching methodology couldn’t be better than that.


Es un curso donde las estrategias que enseñan son cercanas, reales y se pueden llevar a cabo en el aula. Sin ninguna duda lo recomiendo! Gracias.
It is a course where the strategies they teach are real and can be carried out in the classroom. Without any doubt I recommend it! Thank you.

Maria José, Centre Públic de Formació de Persones Adultes "Enric Valor", Spain

This course was better than expected, compared with other European programmes. I have been involved in the content of the course and the kindness of organisation was great.

Vinent, Lycée Polyvalent Touchard Washington, France

My expectations about the course were high and they were met. I have learned many technics that can use in a classroom during my lesson and in my drama course. I’m coming back to Croatia with a happy fulfilled heart, better knowledge of drama in education and more friends in my life.

Željka, Osnovna škola Pantovčak, Croatia


Raili, Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool, Estonia

I’d really recommend this course to anybody who’s interested in drama in education. It’s really well organised and totally met my expectations. IDEC know what they are doing. Trainers are committed and devoted and course materials and workshops use full, practical and really meant to stay for the future. Brilliant experiences.

Ivana, Primary School Ivo Lola Ribar, Serbia

Great team successful cooperation, good atmosphere and happy people.

Jelena, Primary School Ivo Lola Ribar, Serbia

Complete work and personal experience.

Maja, Primary School Ivo Lola Ribar, Serbia

I’m very satisfied.

Danijela, Primary School Ivo Lola Ribar, Serbia

Education for sustainable development

Full of friendly people and sensitiveness for sustainability

Arife Kibaroğlu, Kastamonu Provincial Education Directorate, Turkey

Useful, interesting and wery well adapted to people's needs.

Lucica Stanciu, Liceul cu Program Sportiv, Romania

It was a very interesting course with a good learning methodology. Thank you IDEC!

Virginia Ghiră, Liceul cu Program Sportiv, Romania

Wonderful and enjoyable

Celile Bora, Kastamonu Provincial Education Directorate, Turkey

I’ve found solutions about the problems that I have at my home-country, region and institution. The participants in the group were fantastic. We have really made good connections, hopefully we will continue them in another common project.

Mihaela, UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec, Slovenia

Thanks for the time spent together! Thank you for good organization of courses!

Inta, Competence Centre of Vocational Education „Daugavpils Vocational school", Latvia

Amazing social program and very well organized course.

Kaisa, Sipoonjoen koulu, Finland

Thank you for everything. Xenia, for a lovely Monday tour and help for finding information. George, for the lovely teaching, fun and feedback. Lila, for the communication before the course.

Kersti, Tabasalu Gymnasium, Estonia

Thank you for excellent experience, Greek hospitality and learning outcomes. Great staff and teachers. I have made new friends, we connected really well.

Tatjana, Srednja skola Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir, Croatia

The course was really interesting and relevant for me as an adult, as European citizen and as a teacher. Meeting with other European countries' teachers was really interesting.

Cécile, Ecole Jules Julien élémentaire, France

Very interesting course, because in our days it is very important we know more about sustainable development and how to teach our students and other community members.

Anabela, Agrupamento de Escolas Padre João Rodrigues- Sernancelhe, Portugal

An interesting and complete course that offers you a general vision about Sustainable Development and the social program was well organised.

Candela, Centre Públic de Formació de Persones Adultes "Enric Valor", Spain

It has been a fantastic experience to share this course with people interested in sustainable development.

Àngels, Centre Públic de Formació de Persones Adultes "Enric Valor", Spain

Thank you very much for this course. All was for me very good - trainer, delivery, logistic support.

Kamila, ZS s MS Oravská Jasenia 141, Slovakia

Everything was good and like it. I'm interested in different environmental problems.

Eiri, Paikuse Lasteaed Mesimumm, Estonia

Entrepreneurial skills for 21st Century 

I recommend the course to all people who think about running their own business

Magdalena, Rudzki Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Sp. z o.o., Poland

It was very interesting, some things were not new for me but it is alwasy good to think about those subjects. I learned new dynamics, i could think more about my life and my work. It was important because i met new persons, culture and i had the opportunity to visit Athens and meet the country. Thanks to our trainer, Betty and our company!

Rita, ESHM, Portugal

It was a fantastic experience in all aspects, training and friendship. I learned new concepts, new experiences and made new friends. I loved it, thanks to the organisation but special thanks to the teacher and all the fellow Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Romanian trainees. And to my Portugeese friends who were fantastic!

Sérgio, ESHM, Portugal

I think that this course was a great opportunity to approach soft skills required for improving personal and professional skills and to be able to transmit these to our students/ pupils.

Jorge, ESHM, Portugal

I have acquired skills to be a better professional and a better person. Thank you.

Fátima Fernandes, ESHM, Portugal

It was a very nice and useful experience, thank you!

Liliana, Scoala Gimnaziala 'Sfantul Nicolae', Romania

Everything was thoroughly covered with great examples and practice and all topics were very useful to introduce in my job, lessons, work with students.

Magdalena, Zespół Szkół “Silesia”, Poland

Everything was perfect.

Tomasz, Zespół Szkół “Silesia”, Poland

It was all fine

Edgar, Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André, Portugal

Everything was well organised

Sandra, Regional development agency Međimurje REDEA Ltd, Croatia

Thanks for everything. All things were good. I’m happy I took this course.

Kemal, Piri Reis University, Turkey

Very good knowledge for both my job and my private life.

Mattias, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

I have broadened my knowledge in all the fields of the course during the week. This will be important use both in my professional life as well as in my private life.

Kristina, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

Overall satisfy with the course give you tools in life and work.

Lars, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

A fun course that presented many methods some known now. A good course for every type of teachers I think. A bonus was the fun social activities.

Magnus, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

European Project Manager - Building European Identity at Educational and Training organisations 

Great social programme!! Thank you so much, it was a wonderful experience!! Lovely people, great restaurants and great places to visit. Love the Akropolis and the Museum!!

Sofia, Aleholm Sävsjö kommun, Sweden

Hosts are lovely people who took a really good care of us. Thank you!

Katariina, Oulu Vocational College, Finland

Thanks to the seminar I realized what European project involved as bureaucracy a structure so it opened my eyes!! Now I am aware.

Sylvie, MJC du Plateau, France

I feel I have developed greater knowledge in the subject area and the key areas. I have the competencies to be able to apply these in my role when I return.

Sharon, SERC, UK

Fully met my expectations and I am grateful to all team members.

Nevzat, London Nautical School, UK

IDEC is a very professional training center and the European Project Manager course is very useful and interesting. I’m really happy and satisfied that I had choose this one.

Agnieszka, Publiczne Przedszkole Nr 7, Poland

Theory is connected with practice. During the exercise you can test the gained knowledge in practice. Thanks to the international participants you can look at some issues from different perspectives. Thank you!

Ewa, Fundacja "Aktywni XXI", Poland

The trainer created opportunity to practice. The course organisation was professional and the social program was excellent. Thank you!

Jolanta, Fundacja "Aktywni XXI", Poland

As an IDEC intern, the course has been very useful. I had the possibility of being much more familiar with the concepts and parts of a European project.

Xabier, Intern, Spain

I’m very happy from this course because of the professional organisation and high quality workshops.

Lidia, Publiczne Przedszkole Nr 7, Poland

European Qualification Framework and ECVET

Very interesting and well designed course that is appropriate to experts with all levels of knowledge!

Dilyan, National Agency For Vocational Education And Training, Bulgaria

Everything was PERFECT!


I am satisfied with all the course.

János, Váci Szakképzési Centrum, Király Endre Szakközépiskolája, Szakiskolája és Kollégiuma, Hungary

It was usefull and i gained a lot.

Andreas, M.M.C. Management Centre, Cyprus

I recommend this course to all who are interested for international mobility

Krunoslav, Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin, Croatia

The course was very useful and helpful for all interested in mobility programmes. The social events were very nice and well organised

Dubravko, Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin, Croatia

It has been a very satisfactory meeting enabling us to put in common our expectations

Isabel, FFE, Spain

This learning experience was extremely positive as it provided me with the necessary information to deal with the procedures and documents on ECVET necessary for our common project.

Teresa, FORAVE, Portugal

Course helps a lot to put things into perspective

Jose, FFE, Spain

Great work with interaction, communication and common understanding

Konstantinos, IEK DELTA, Greece

Evaluation and Quality Assurance in education and training

The course was provided by an organization that is expert on quality assurance and all is practical what they teach.

Øystein, Stavanger offshore tekniske skole kurssenter, Norway

Natassa and Aris proved me that learning can be exciting, inspiring, challenging and fun at any age. Long live Lifelong learning!

Mirjana, Učilište Jantar, Croatia

It was a very good opportunity to know practical tools of evaluation. The training course was very useful for our practice in schools. Thanks.

Kamil, Gymnasium Sv. Andreja, Slovakia

Thanks a lot for good materials, resources, you did a great job! And yes we will practice.

Ľubica, Bilingválne gymnázium Milana Hodžu, Slovakia

A great experience for me.

Bruno, MJC, France

Une Grèce secrète repose au Cœur de tous les hommes d’Occident” André Malraux. Food for thought, support, enthusiasm, material and adequate coaching and training. You’ve got it all at IDEC!

Sylvie Le Moel – Philippe, MJC, France

Everybody who wants to build up his organisation quality and evaluation system or improve it should come to IDEC!

Lee, Tallinna Männi Lasteaed, Estonia

The course was quite amazing- I got some new skills and at the same time I got to experience Greece culture and see the country.

Triin, Tallinna Männi Lasteaed, Estonia

I'm coming back to Poland with a happy fulfilled heart, new experiences and wider knowledge. I had a great time!

Blanka, Poland

I learned a lot of new things about evaluation. I will try to use the tools studied here in my school.

Natália, Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho, Portugal

I liked to participate in the training. It had great quality and improved my knowledge on evaluation and quality assurance.

Maria Paula, Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho, Portugal

I have enjoyed a lot in and outside the course. I recommend it!

Antonia, IES Bendinat, Spain

I would recommend this course on evaluation to other teachers who would like to develop this knowledge on the topic. I leave with important tools that I will adapt to my schools evaluation context.

Teresa, Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho, Portugal

 Game-based learning

Nice week, nice people, nice course, useful and funny formation week.

Joan Ramon, Escola Oficial d'Idiomes de Leida, Spain

Good organisation and kind people.

Elina, Tabasalu Gymnasium, Estonia

Power for the future! See next time in a new course!

Lea, Tabasalu Gymnasium, Estonia

ICT in education

Thanks to the whole team IDEC. Excellent course topic! Thanks a lot!!!

Akmaral, Republican state enterprise National Testing center of MES PK, Kazakhstan

IDEC is a place where you can find competent and friendly people, ready to help you with your training needs and make you fully experience the Greek hospitality!

Alessandro, I.P.S.S.S. "Sandro Pertini", Italy

The staff is great, Piraeus has been a great discovery, very beautiful city, the course very very interesting and well organized.

Maria Grazia, IPSAR di Tortolì, Italy

I recommend this course, the mood is collaborative, contents are updated, Athens is beautiful.

Andrea, IIS “Leonardo Da Vinci” di Lanusei, Italy

I recommend the course for the importance of the topics to use at school to motivate the students and to improve the skills of teachers. I also recommend this course for the hospitality and the friendship of the team.

Simonetta, IIS  “De Castro” di Oristano, Italy

This course was very organized and motivated us to learn and to enjoy the staying.

Isabel Cristina, Agrupamento de Escolas de Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal

Excellent training. Opportunity for sharing experiences. A lot of material.

Irma, Siauliai "Romuvos" progymnasium, Lithuania

Great experience. I have got so much more than I have expected. Great trainers, interesting participants, new friends! Very happy to be here.

Nina, Elementary school Pujanki, Croatia

Like project coordinator in my school, I have participate in several motilities (Erasmus + KA1) and I must say that this training course is very well prepared, good organization and the IDEC team attended all our needs in order to have a wonderful week in Greece.

Sandrina, Agrupamento de Escolas de Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal

It was a great course and opportunity. I learnt a great deal of ICT tool, programs. I was convinced that learning can be indeed fun. It was my first course, you give me confidence in trying to attend other courses. It was great meeting you and meeting our colleagues.

Pirlog, Gimnasium School Tache si Ecaterina Tocilescu, Romania

Thank you! Amazing 1st experience!

Kintija, Rigas Anglu gimnazija, Latvia

I recommend this course to all teachers.

Mila, Elementary school Pujanki, Croatia

Inclusive education: tackling with classroom diversity and early school leaving

I think the course was perfect. Thank you!

Nijole, Siauliu "Romuvos" gimnazija, Romania

The seminar covered my expectation and gave more contents in addition.

Gabriella, IISS "M. Bellisario", Italy

The trainer of the seminar was excellent. Everything was great!

Marijana, Pujanke Elementary School, Croatia

Good training in a friendly context. Very good organization.

Marie, Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Belgium

I enjoyed, thank you.

Biljana, Primary school "Lazo Angelovski", Macedonia

I enjoyed it!

Zoja, Kauno A. Puškino gimnazija, Lithuania

Overall impression is very good.

Nina, Kauno A. Puškino gimnazija, Lithuania

This course was very good for me. I have many new ideas.

Guntars, Aglona Boarding Secondary school, Latvia

Thanks a lot! I felt good, safe, and got inspired.

Ann, vzw KBS (Katholieke Basisscholen Schoten), Belgium

Very good. Will recommend to my colleagues.

Maritta, Oppimis- ja ohjauskeskus Valteri, Mäntykangas, Finland

It was a nice experience, I learned new things from colleagues from other countries and I liked it!

Otilia, Scoala gimnaziala Grajduri, Romania

I had a great time here. I met alot of nice people:colleagues and trainer. It was a great experience and i would recommend to all who want to spend perfect moments in a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Daniela, Scoala gimnaziala Grajduri, Romania

In general an excellent organisation, meeting all kinds of expectations, providing exceptional hospitality.

Vaida, Kauno "Vyturio" gimnazija, Lithuania

Much information was transferred, the atmosphere was really relaxed, I learned a lot and enjoyed the course.

Viola, Gymnasium Kirchheim, Germany

I am so glad to return to IDEC - the best course ever!

Daiva, Kauno "Vyturio" gimnazija, Lithuania

The course had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and was very well organised, also the social programme

Marion, Schiller-Gymnasium in Cologne, Germany

Everything was ok. Atmosphere was very nice.

Marlena, Katarzyna & Agnieszka, Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy w Sieradzu, Poland

Good organisation and nice to meet colleagues from different countries in Europe.

Petra, Upplands-Bro gymnasiet, Sweden

It’s very interesting to meet European colleagues.

Madeleine, Upplands-Bro gymnasiet, Sweden

Very interesting and useful.


A great experience!


Thank you for this week. We learnt a lot of new ways to work more efficiently. We had a wonderful trainer! Thank you Betty!


Thank for your way to organise this course!

Oana Valerica, COLEGIUL SILVIC "BUCOVINA", Romania

It was a really nice experience. I had the pleasure to meet very interesting people and exchange ideas about education. I was informed about issues that I am interested in. Thank you all.

Stella, Greece

All was most than perfect!! Thank you!

Adriana, Scoala Gimnaziala "Silvania", Romania

I was very happy to participate in this course. I got good ideas, shared experiences. Thank you all.

Sandra, Kaunas Rokai Gymnasium, Lithuania

I had many useful information which I’ll absolutely use in my work. Thank you!

Giedre, Kaunas Rokai Gymnasium, Lithuania

This course met my expectations and gave me inspirations and willpower to continue my work.

Ülle, Tallinna Kuristiku Gymnasium, Estonia

Very interesting course that offer the opportunity to compare with other European schools.


This course is an opportunity to combine personal experiences with theory. I got a lot of tips for my future work with students, parents and teachers from my school.

Camelia, Scoala Gimnaziala "Silvania", Romania

I spent two weeks here, I’ll return to Spain plenty of new ideas and grateful about IDEC (not only Betty, also Lila and Xenia). I wish you all the best!!

Ana Isabel, IES J IBAÑEZ MARTIN, Spain

Before any pedagogical experience, it was a memorable social experience. The participants shared their impressions and their vision about the educational system of their counties. At the end we were convinced that everything is perfectible.

Maria-Lavinia, COLEGIUL TEHNIC „ION HOLBAN”, Romania

Thanks for organization and for all! Nice country, nice people. Very kindly, hearty and helpful! Thanks!

Inga A., Aizkraukles Vakara(maiņu) vidusskola, Latvia

I have new impression on my job and in my private life.

Inga D., Aizkraukles Vakara(maiņu) vidusskola, Latvia

The trainer (Betty) is an extraordinary person who share her experiences and put accent on poetical aspects, is very structured and create an excellent atmosphere.

Doina, Liceul Stefan Procopiu, Romania

The training course really exceeded my expectations! It immersed me because it approached both the professional side of the teaching job and the spiritual / psychological side. I am leaving the training course with a lot of ideas to put in practice in my school. For me the training course worked like a revelation. Thank you! :)

Gabriela, Liceul Stefan Procopiu, Romania

Keep it that way because you are doing great things and for people who need continuous training whether they are at the beginning of their career or are advanced. Thanks for everything! P.S. Betty you are the best trainer!


All information is useful, and we will apply it in practice.


This course is learning new ways of working with students with disabilities. Thank you very much!!


The course helped me to improve my professional activity.


The course was very interesting..


Innovativen Teaching Methods

Excellent atmosphere, helpful and hospitable staff. This experience exceeded my expectations. Valuable practice and wonderful people will remain in my mind.

Vaida, Kauno "Vyturio" gimnazija, Lithuania

A great learning atmosphere, supportive and motivating trainers and a beautiful place to visit! Hope i'll be coming back some day!

Tea, OŠ Tina Ujevića, Croatia

I learned many interesting things in this course. Trainers were super great, atmosphere was nice and my colleagues from other countries were really nice.

Ionel, "Demostene Botez" Trusesti Highschool, Romania

This course was even better than what i expected, it went over my expectations in the best way.

Catalina, "Demostene Botez" Trusesti Highschool, Romania

This course was full of energy, of interesting opinions, full of good ideas!

Maria, ZŠ s MŠ Dolné Orešany, Slovakia

Great mixture of studying and leasure time

Asta, Kauno Sv. Kazimiero pagrindine mokykla, Lithuania

A great time to gain knowledge, update professional skills, combined with getting acquainted with the culture, history and taste of Greee. Thanks!

Živilė, Šiaulių "Juventos" progimnazija, Lithuania

Everything was great!

Malgorzata, Szkoła Podstawowa w Pręgowie, Poland

Anyone who thinks that knows everything about innovative teaching methods should take this course. A whole new perspective, a whole new world.

Dalibor, Osnovna škola Frana Krste Frankopana Brod na Kupi, Croatia

I had a great experience. Beautiful town, great training and organisation. Great opportunity to meet new people from different countries. Renew my own knowledge and improve it.

Ingrid, Osnovna škola Frana Krste Frankopana Brod na Kupi, Croatia

Everything was very good. I need time now to use all new knowledge in my math lessons. I am full of enthusiasm. Thank you.

Ilona, Rigas Anglu gimnazija (Riga English Grammar School), Latvia

The course is very well organised, support for logistics and planning of my trip was good. Trainers linked theory with practice and encouraged participants. They both established my trust as a trainer. I am also very glad that I had the opportunity to review my English skills.

Martina, Gimnazija Karlovac, Croatia

A professional atmosphere and very good trainers.

Simion, Secondary School Altina, Romania

Comparing to other Erasmus+ courses I attended, this one is well organized. IDEC was a practical and useful support. The content of the course stimulate my desire to improve teaching abilities. Jean is really a facilitator not a teacher.


I will recommend this course because it gave me new skills and new challenges useful to my job.


The course was even better than I expected. Thank you for planning, organizing and support.

Vidute, Prienai "Revuona" basic school, Lithuania

The course was an engaging and challenging experience. Our hosts showed true hospitality and our trainers made sure every member of the group should apply the analysed and practiced methods in their classroom.

Carol, Srednja škola Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir, Croatia

This course was truly innovative: the contens, materials and ideas to work. I learned a whole lot and now i feel better equiped to teach. I look forward to putting into practice the methods that i have learned here. Thank you Jean and IDEC.

Marcus, ICI & AILLEURS, France

Course gave me a theoretical background and more courage to use active methods in future. And also i learned and used a lot of English.

Elena, Veikkolan koulu, Finland

The subjects are very actual: dynamic, creative, and innovative

Maria, Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Portugal

Loved the trainer and the contents, the group was superb!

Maria Clara, Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Portugal

I will recommend this course to other people with pleasure on condition that it will be run in the same location, Daphne's Hotel! :)

Klaudia, Szkola Podstawowa im. Piotra Barylaka w Ksiaznicach Wielkich, Poland

This course gave the opportunity to broaden my horizon learn new ideas and acquire inspiration. I also met some great colleagues from different (curious) parts of Europe.

Petya, Het Perspectief PCVO, Belgium

Great course, very useful and adaptive to teachers working with students of all age groups and different backgrounds. Very friendly and helpful staff. Professional trainers. Thank you!

Ieva, Association of non-formal education "Abadele", Lithuania

I like everything.

Ana, Association of non-formal education "Abadele", Lithuania

The course was excellent!

Marija, Kuldigas pamatskola, Latvia

I recommend this course to every teacher, because it makes you be more creative, active and to think the other way what is so necessary if we want to get out of the everyday routine.

Kristine, Kuldigas pamatskola, Latvia

I enjoyed the course very much as it opened new horizons in teaching methodology, which was my first reason for coming. I would recommend the course to other teachers. Thank you all both for the course and the cultural and social activities.

Olga Maria, Agrupamento de Escolas de Ermesinde, Portugal

For me it was very nice to meet teachers from all over Europe. It was also a very good course where I learned a lot of new ways to look at my own course. I loved the fact that we could test many things by ourselves. Spending a week in Athens (Piraeus) was also a great experience. It was nice to discover that the Greek people are very friendly and hospitable. I also noticed my English was much better after one week. I should do this more often.

Karen, GO! Spectrumschool, Belgium

Very practical course that gives you methods and practice and also ideas to use in real life situations. Everything is well-planned so that students can have the best possible experience with knowledge about the subject, local culture, socializing with other students and having fun!

Pilleriin, Hiiu Valla Raamatukogu, Estonia

IDEC provided everything I needed to feel welcomed and ready to learn. I got a good mix of theory, practice, cultural and social activities, warm hospitality and professionalism. I recommend the center.

Kathryn, Balletskolen Holstebro, Denmark

The course was very good even for a practical based school. All teachers can learn something!

Manuel, GO! Spectrumschool, Belgium

IDEC is a real friendly place, warm and well-coming atmosphere. Teaching is in a high standard and the social programme makes sure that you’ll interact with colleagues from all over Europe. Get contacts, learn about other countries. I’ll recommend IDEC to all of my colleagues.

Birgit, Balletskolen Holstebro, Denmark

Most teachers have probably heard about these methods but did not have enough opportunities to talk to someone who is actually using them in practice. This course offers such an opportunity as well as the opportunity to think more about ways to implement these methods in (and out of) the classroom. For innovation it is necessary to step out of the daily teachers’ routine and have a time to reflect. IDEC provides opportunity and meaningful input for the reflection.

Blahoslav, Stredni skola filmova, multimedialni a pocitacovych technologií, s.r.o., Czech Republick

The course was a new experience for me. I am glad to meet new people (trainees, trainers, hosting assistants) from other countries … Thank you for everything!

Vesna, Osnovna škola "Petar Zoranić" Nin, Croatia

It was “fresh air” to my ability to teach!

Zbigniew, Polish Air Force Academy, Poland

Great course with good teacher and colleagues!

Jose María, IES L'Estació, Spain

I’ve learned a lot during this course and I feel enthusiastic to put the methods in practice with my students. It really exceeded my expectations!

Sandra Isabel, Agrupamento Sebastião da Gama, Portugal

It was a fascinate experience! I learned a lot of important and innovative teaching methods, but I also received lots of important information for my personal development.

Claudia Sofia, Agrupamento Sebastião da Gama, Portugal

So much things I have learned, so much things that I knew already but here my mind was so open to get everything that I can’t say how good it was. I just say that after this course I as a person and as a teacher will be a better for sure. I liked it so much that I tank the Greek Gods to give me this opportunity! Thank you very much.

Teresa Maria, Agrupamento Sebastião da Gama, Portugal

I am very satisfied of the course. It's like open door for me, which gives me a lot of opportunitoes. Thank you!

Svetla, Detska gradina Roza, Bulgaria

Intercultural competences

The organisation of the course was very good. Before the course started we received email answers immediately. During the course the staff always helped. Our trainer was very friendly and competent and always reacted on the wishes and needs of the participants. I will recommend the course!

Barbara, Albrecht- Dürer- Mittelschule, Germany

I enjoyed this course very much. Very well organised, we got help whenever and to whatever we needed. All people have been very friendly. The course was a lot of fun!

Claudia, Albrecht- Dürer- Mittelschule, Germany

Very kind and profesional trainer.

Margarida, Agrupamento de Escolas Rainha Santa Isabel, Portugal

The seminar met my expectations very much.

Doina, Scoala Gimnaziala Vasile Parvan, Romania

I believe that all the course was very interesting.

Maria, Scoala Gimnaziala Vasile Parvan, Romania

I am quite agreed! Thanks a lot.

Frauke, Hunsrueck Grundschule, Germany

I have enjoyed very much with IDEC team, and of course I am taking with me very valuable lessons.

Rafael, IES de Bocairent, Spain

Course is OK and a good experience of understanding common situation in Europe in the field of multiculturality.

Vallo, Tartu Art College, Estonia

The course was nice with a great atmosphere! It is really interesting to talk to other people about the intercultural experiences in their countries. The visit to the intercultural school was great and showed us that things that can be done for real.

Minerva, Internship in Greece, Spain

Thank you, it was really interesting. I have learnt a lot and I have exchanged and received a lot from everyone.

Federica, Internship in Greece, Italy

It was a wonderful experience. We had a great time. The course was very interesting with great activities that can be used by the participants. The trainer was very well prepared with a positive attitude and made us feel good. Everything was great.

Elena Irina, Scoala Gimnaziala Siretel, Iasi, Romania

It’s was very good! Creative exercises!

Cernica, Scola gimnaziala nr.1 Lunca Cetatuii, Romania

It was amazing. I’m very grateful and I will write Erasmus+ project by myself. I hope I will win.

Ana-Luisa, Școala Gimnazială Cozmești, Romania

Great experience, great people!

Geta Aurica, Liceul Teoretic "Lascăr Rosetti" Răducăneni, Romania

Best luck in what you do! With best results from now!

Antonela, Școala Gimnazială Slobozia Deal, Romania

The people of IDEC and the trainer (Betty) made us feel like an international family in a safe and positive atmosphere. Thanks a lot!

Benno, Weiterbildungskolleg Emscher-Lippe, Kolleg und Abendgymnasium der Stadt Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Just very good in order to improve your previous knowledge and obtain….

Fernando, IES SIERRA MORENA, Spain

The course was great, my learning needs were taken into account, the group was awesome. I loved the experience, especially the visit to the intercultural school. Thanks for all, and thank you to Betty, she is great.

Ana Margarida, Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco do Porto, Portugal

This training was very well organised. The trainer was well prepared and knew the topic well. I suggest this training!

Annely, Public Library of Hiiu Municipality, Estonia

It is a very good course if you work with immigrant pupils. I recommend it for teachers who work with immigrants, refugees, or others.


I loved the training course and the trainer. I’ve learned and enjoyed the teamwork. Thank you.

Mafalda Maria, Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco do Porto, Portugal

Quality Management in Education & Training, ISO 9001 & ISO 29990

The course is well structured and Athens is very beautiful.

Giovanni, I.T.S.'Ignazio Calvi', Italia

Recommendable. Improvement in quality management approaches for schools.

Vicky, IES Bendinat, Spain

Very practical and interesting course. Recommend warmly.

Kimmo, Valteri-koulu Tervaväylä, Finland

High-educated trainers in this course, excellent environment.

Gregory, Consultant, Greece

The methodology adapted by the trainers was adapted to the objectives of my training. We had exceptional accompaniment throughout the course.

Rui Filipe, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela, Portugal

IDEC prepared the course ISO9001/ISO29990 with great detail and professionalism. The trainers were very competent and attentive. IDEC has provide an excellent host and an impeccable culture programme.

Antonio Emidio, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela, Portugal

I acquired knowledge and developed my competences in quality management in education field.

Laura, P.Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia, Latvia

Stress-free schools and classrooms

Thank you so much. It was beautiful time and of course useful too.

Tomáš, Základná škola Spišský Štvrtok, Slovakia

The world, our classroom: Museums and cultural landscapes

It was a great experience for me! I found the course very interesting. I practice my English, I met teachers from other countries and I shared ideas and experiences with them. I was guided in remarkable museums and cultural landscapes of Greece. I learned many things that I will use in my classroom. Thank you!


I am very satisfied and I got many new ideas that I will definitely use. The staff was just amazing! Thank you so much!

Oskar, Kuusalu Secondary School, Estonia

All the people working at IDEC were really open and friendly!

Magdalena, Örebro Kommun, Sweden

The social aspect of meeting and working with participants in the course from both familiar and different teaching colleagues, was very interesting and rewarding.

Jacob, Greve Gymnasium, Denmark

I have many super ideas!

Alina, Association of non-formal education "Abadele", Lithuania

 More testimonials

It was a very well organized course, where I’ve got a lot of information and competencies for my own work.

Edda Henze, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V. 

The organisation was good and I’ve learnt a lot, but also it was good that we had free time!

Silke Schröder, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V. 

I recommend this course, not only for the contents and the skills I have improved, but also about their sense of hospitality. We really enjoyed the social meetings over dinner. We tasted superb food and learned a lot about Greek music and culture.

María Francia Gabriel Santos , Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá

It’s a very good course and I hope that I’ll use it in my professional and personal life.

Inmaculada Olías Álvarez, Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá


Anastasio Pineda Benítez, Spain - I.E.S. Jacarandá

What a wonderful week! A big thank you and a hug to everyone at IDEC!

Nevzat Yuksel, UK - London Nautical School 

I can warmly recommend all your In-service-courses to all potential participants. It was a great experience for me to work in your company for one week together with people from other countries in December 2012. I had a big benefit till today and I can use the results in my daily work. I recommended your courses already to my partners in Germany and abroad.

Edda Henze, Germany - Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in Mecklenbug-Vorpommern e.V.

Very useful course, well prepared and experienced trainers, friendly atmosphere, interesting social programme....After my report our NA decided to include the course as a 'good practice'. Congratulations to the organizers!

Zbigniew Durczok, Poland - Stowarzyszenie Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Chrzanowie

Many thanks to you (Natassa) and all Idec team. You have done really good job not only in terms of the training but also the social activities.

Petra Pečová, Czech Republic was a superb course, intersting and fascinating as well as extremely useful and well organised. I thank you for your excellent guidance throughout the course and for being a great lecturer and mentor. I know we all appreciated your help and interst in our learning. I also wish to thank all your colleagues at IDEC for the excellent social agenda that you provided for us. The trip to The Acropolis was superb and all the evenings spent at various excellent Greek restaurants in Piraeus were just brilliant. The kindness and warmth that you all showed us and the welcoming gestures you all pepared for us were fabulous...I hope to attend another of your courses sometime early next year in 2013.

John Charles Lopez, UK - Greenwich School of Management

In August 2013 I participated in a course "Evaluation and Quality Assurance" organized by IDEC SA in Greece (near Korinthos). The course lasted five days, was perfectly organized and conducted. Professional coaches and very good atmosphere on the course meant that the training has brought a lot of benefits. While I had the time to learn and to relax and know the Greek culture. The organization of the course, prepared materials were very interesting and helpful. I recommend training organized and conducted by IDEC SA.

Stanislawa Gurbowicz, Poland - Kuratorium Oswiaty w Gdansku

Thank you for a fantastic course. It has really improved my work about evaluation here in Sweden. We recommended the course to our colleagues.

Anette Klang Jensen, Sweden - Universitets-och högskolerådet

The content was right on the mark for the tasks that fill my everyday work. It will sharpen my arguments in many contexts. The content presented by instructors, in very good English, with extensive expertise in creating good learning situations and to contribute with many concrete examples related to my area of responsibility. They were also good at creating a safe climate in which we all dared to contribute examples, ask questions and more. It was also positive that we had to work with their own concrete examples and got good supervision in them. They also created the opportunity for us to compare our education system and how we manage quality and evaluations.
I will use my newly gained knowledge in many contexts in my profession. My new knowledge will come in use in my next major evaluation effort to sharpen the explanations and arguments for the whole evaluation process but also in all future development efforts so that I can become sharper about: what, how , who, when, follow-up etc. It will also strengthen me in communicating and motivate my choices about why / what / how and to. Issues in upcoming evaluations will hopefully also become sharper and be more clearly linked to the purpose of the evaluation.
We had three different trainers during the five day course. They used slide shows in their lectures, they gave many concrete examples related to our area (preschool / school), where it was possible , they asked for examples from our home countries, leading to new experiences and comparisons. They also used the workshops where they asked us to use an area so that in the practical exercises applied to a field relevant for us, giving great benefit to our work at home. The course ended with a certification and evaluation.
They had also planned nice events for us in the evenings, like sightseeing, dinner at local restaurants and even dinner in their own home.
I can really recommend IDEC as a course provider about evaluation and quality assurance.

Christina "Ninni" Jönne, Sweden - Universitets-och högskolerådet

We had a great time, social programme was well planned and executed. Sense of hospitality was also great. Thank you for everything.

Vaida Krisciunaite, Lithuania - Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts

All went great. I appreciate very high care about all group and programme was created.

Fausta Puzanoviene, Lithuania - UAB METGA

There was a good balance between theoretical and practical parts and a good presentation.

Dimitra Skoyfi – Katsidonioti, Greece - OCEAN NGO

I can highly reccomment the training course about Quality Assurance that I took part in, in April 2012. The training was very well organized, as was the social programme. IDEC used experienced trainers and there was always the opportunity to start discussion about quality topics. The programme is a combination of instruction and working on documents that may be usable for your own organization.
It was an extra value that we were an international training group. I learned not only from the two trainers in the course, but also from the fruitful discussions we had during the training (and during the evening programme) with my colleagues from other educational institutes and countries. I would definitely participate in a follow up course, of this may ever be organized. Well done!

Margrieta Kroese, The Netherlands - Landstede V.E.T.

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