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Entrepreneurial skills for 21st Century

Entrepreneurial skills for 21st Century

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The course addresses professionals of training, in order to be able to cultivate in the classroom entrepreneurial, networking and communication skills and competences.

ECVET points: 3.5

Target groups

Teachers and trainers at secondary and post secondary education and training organizations

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  • be able to induce in their students, the acquisition of a mentality towards creativity, intuition and change within entrepreneurial and corporate contexts and to give them the tools, methods and instruments to allow their students to implement ideas focused on a structured, planned technical perspective in a way to turn them into new products or services for the firm or in the frame of a start-up business, and on the development of the personal values needed to deal with uncertainty and change in order to attain goals under these circumstances,
  • be able to issue to their students, the acquisition of network value as an organisational form as an alternative to the market and the hierarchy, by giving tools and methods to realize the process of development of network form, defined as the creation of relationship and cooperation among enterprises, allowing students to develop this value in a structured way
  • enhance knowledge, skills and competences on all levels of communication and within various contexts, especially dealing with clients, peers and colleagues (from the same and different hierarchy levels)


The training course consists of three thematic units and each one is split into learning units. For each learning unit, there is a short presentation and a series of activities (4-5 activities). The type of activities includes individual activities, role play games, case studies, discussions, debates, brainstorming sessions, projects, team working exercises. The aim of the activities is to be used in a classroom with students. During the training course, the trainers will present all the activities to the teachers, while some of the activities, at least one for each unit will be performed in the classroom, to allow reflection and discussion in the group.

Thematic units

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Networking
  • Communication

Learning material

The learning material consists of presentations and support material in English language.


Betty Aggeletaki, adults trainer, psychologist counselor, special education specialist.


Tuition fee: 350 euro per person
The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility.

Cultural activities: 80 euro per person
The cost includes a) a walking tour of Piraeus and welcome dinner, b) a guided tour of Athens, visit to Archaeological sites and c) common dinner with live music in Athens. The cost of local transportation and the entrance fees to sites and museums are not included.

The cost can be funded by Erasmus+ programme KA1 mobility of staff.

Further information

Lila Anthopoulou, tel: +30 2104286227, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Indicative training programme

Day 1
Ice breaking session: Presentation of participants, expectations from the training course
Introduction to the training course, syllabus, methodology, learning outcomes
Entrepreneurial spirit
Lateral &V ertical thinking Perception
Six universal questions
Six hats thinking
Evaluation of an idea
Elevator presentation
Review of the day
Day 2
Business Plan
Stress Management
Stress in work place
Reaction to stress
Relaxation techniques
Discipline & Persistence
Goal Settings
Review of the day
Day 3
Conflict Management
4 scenarios-Activities
Conflict Management - Scenarios activity
Network for management of business activities
Concept map
Organization of information
Learning plan-Learning Style
Review of the day
Day 4
Problem Solving
Different forms of thinking
Strategic communication
Communication style
Communication video
Review of the day
Day 5
Communication Competences
Expressing agreement and disagreement - Feedback
Complain management
Quick Review of models and techniques SMART,GROW,SIX HAT ETC Reflexion - evaluation of the training course
Certificates – Europass Mobility
Closure and farewell

Training sessions

Location Dates
Piraeus 23-27/11/2020
Piraeus 15-19/2/2021
Piraeus 22-26/11/2021


I will recommend IDEC as a good partners in Erasmus KA1 program.

Vika, Aizputes secondary school, Latvia

At this course I have enriched my skills of entrepreneurship, communication and time management. I liked the subject course, the methods used, the atmosphere and the participants.


I really enjoyed the course. It was very interesting.

Amando, APEFA - Associação Portuguesa para a Educação e Formação de Adultos – APRENDÊNCIAS, Portugal

Challenging course, professional trainer, relaxing atmosphere. Extraordinary things to learn!

Nicoleta Daniela, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC „ION GHICA”, Romania

II recommend the course!s

Heike, Staatliches. Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung Stuttgart, Germany

I recommend the course to all people who think about running their own business.

Magdalena, Rudzki Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Sp. z o.o., Poland

It was very interesting, some things were not new for me but it is alwasy good to think about those subjects. I learned new dynamics, i could think more about my life and my work. It was important because i met new persons, culture and i had the opportunity to visit Athens and meet the country. Thanks to our trainer, Betty and our company!

Rita, ESHM, Portugal

It was a fantastic experience in all aspects, training and friendship. I learned new concepts, new experiences and made new friends. I loved it, thanks to the organisation but special thanks to the teacher and all the fellow Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Romanian trainees. And to my Portugeese friends who were fantastic!

Sérgio, ESHM, Portugal

I think that this course was a great opportunity to approach soft skills required for improving personal and professional skills and to be able to transmit these to our students/ pupils.

Jorge, ESHM, Portugal

I have acquired skills to be a better professional and a better person. Thank you.

Fátima Fernandes, ESHM, Portugal

It was a very nice and useful experience, thank you!

Liliana, Scoala Gimnaziala 'Sfantul Nicolae', Romania

Everything was thoroughly covered with great examples and practice and all topics were very useful to introduce in my job, lessons, work with students.

Magdalena, Zespół Szkół “Silesia”, Poland

Everything was perfect.

Tomasz, Zespół Szkół “Silesia”, Poland

It was all fine

Edgar, Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André, Portugal

Everything was well organised

Sandra, Regional development agency Međimurje REDEA Ltd, Croatia

Thanks for everything. All things were good. I’m happy I took this course.

Kemal, Piri Reis University, Turkey

Very good knowledge for both my job and my private life.

Mattias, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

I have broadened my knowledge in all the fields of the course during the week. This will be important use both in my professional life as well as in my private life.

Kristina, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

Overall satisfy with the course give you tools in life and work.

Lars, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

A fun course that presented many methods some known now. A good course for every type of teachers I think. A bonus was the fun social activities.

Magnus, Peder Skrivares Skola, Sweden

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