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ICT in Education training course in Greece

ICT in Education

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Designing learning programs, learning materials and resources for ICT enriched education.

ECVET points: 3.5

Target groups

Staff at all types of education and training organizations:

  • Directors/ headmasters
  • Teachers/ trainers
  • ICT teachers
  • Learning material developers

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  • Understand the general pedagogical principles of the use of ICT in learning
  • Identify the different technological tools and learning environments and understand their characteristics
  • Apply effectively criteria for the selection of learning programmes and learning material
  • Be able to design and implement learning programmes and learning material using ICT
  • Understand European policies for the use of ICT in education and critically review them


  • Presentations
  • Examples and case studies
  • Workshops and exercises facilitated by the trainer

Thematic units

  • ICT and learning theories
  • Web based educational environments and software
  • ICT and educational planning
  • Educational ICT policies

Learning material

The learning material consists of presentations and support material in English language.


Olga Economou. Information Technology teacher in primary and secondary schools and tutor in adult education. Specialises in e-learning and is certified by the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education.

Xenia Chronopoulou. European projects consultant, economist, IT expert. Specific expertise in the field of ICT implementation at different educational settings, IT systems and e-learning.


Tuition fee: 350 euro per person
The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility.

Cultural activities: 80 euro per person (Not applicable for the courses organised in Korinthia.)
The cost includes a) a walking tour of Piraeus and welcome dinner, b) a guided tour of Athens, visit to Archaeological sites and c) common dinner with live music in Athens. The cost of local transportation and the entrance fees to sites and museums are not included.

The cost can be funded by Erasmus+ programme KA1 mobility of staff.

Further information

Lila Anthopoulou, tel: +30 2104286227, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Indicative training programme

Day 1
Introduction to the training course, syllabus, methodology, learning outcomes
ICT and learning theories
Blended learning models
Blended learning case studies
Day 2
The role of teacher in blended learning
The impact of blended learning on learning programmes design
Challenges and opportunities
Day 3
Web based educational environments and software
Learning management systems
Creating learning programmes on moodle
Creating learning content, overview of different software
Day 4
Collaborative and social learning technologies
Open educational content, MOOCs
Game-based learning
Simulations and augmented reality
Day 5
Educational ICT policies
International and European policies
Reflexion - evaluation of the training course
Certificates – Europass Mobility

Training sessions

Location Dates
Piraeus 24-28/8/2020
Piraeus 19-23/10/2020
Piraeus 24-28/5/2021
Piraeus 18-22/10/2021


I am happy that I could take the course ICT in education in IDEC, I met very kind people and spent very good time.

Beata, Zespół Gimnazjalno-Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Lasowice Wielkie, Poland

I was afraid of this course because I don’t know the English language very well and I don’t use the computer often but it was very interesting.

Joanna, Zespół Gimnazjalno-Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Lasowice Wielkie, Poland

It was a very good experience at all levels. We met very good people like all course participants our cultural guide, our escorts to the dinners (Vana and Nasos) and our trainer Olga. I want to thank them all!

Paulo, Sociedade Afonso Chaves – Expolab, Portugal

I am very happy that I was here. The place is quiet and I didn’t have a problem with accommodation. I came here cause I wanted to learn more about ICT in education and almost everything will be useful in my work. Thank you for everything!

Agnieszka, Zespół Gimnazjalno-Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Lasowice Wielkie, Poland

In my opinion, this is a fantastic course with fantastic staff and participants and I will recommend IDEC in the future. Great work!

André, Sociedade Afonso Chaves – Expolab, Portugal

Thanks to the whole team IDEC. Excellent course topic! Thanks a lot!!!

Akmaral, Republican state enterprise National Testing center of MES PK, Kazakhstan

IDEC is a place where you can find competent and friendly people, ready to help you with your training needs and make you fully experience the Greek hospitality!

Alessandro, I.P.S.S.S. "Sandro Pertini", Italy

The staff is great, Piraeus has been a great discovery, very beautiful city, the course very very interesting and well organized.

Maria Grazia, IPSAR di Tortolì, Italy

I recommend this course, the mood is collaborative, contents are updated, Athens is beautiful.

Andrea, IIS “Leonardo Da Vinci” di Lanusei, Italy

I recommend the course for the importance of the topics to use at school to motivate the students and to improve the skills of teachers. I also recommend this course for the hospitality and the friendship of the team.

Simonetta, IIS  “De Castro” di Oristano, Italy

This course was very organized and motivated us to learn and to enjoy the staying.

Isabel Cristina, Agrupamento de Escolas de Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal

Excellent training. Opportunity for sharing experiences. A lot of material.

Irma, Siauliai "Romuvos" progymnasium, Lithuania

Great experience. I have got so much more than I have expected. Great trainers, interesting participants, new friends! Very happy to be here.

Nina, Elementary school Pujanki, Croatia

Like project coordinator in my school, I have participate in several motilities (Erasmus + KA1) and I must say that this training course is very well prepared, good organization and the IDEC team attended all our needs in order to have a wonderful week in Greece.

Sandrina, Agrupamento de Escolas de Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal

It was a great course and opportunity. I learnt a great deal of ICT tool, programs. I was convinced that learning can be indeed fun. It was my first course, you give me confidence in trying to attend other courses. It was great meeting you and meeting our colleagues.

Pirlog, Gimnasium School Tache si Ecaterina Tocilescu, Romania

Thank you! Amazing 1st experience!

Kintija, Rigas Anglu gimnazija, Latvia

I recommend this course to all teachers.

Mila, Elementary school Pujanki, Croatia

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