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Creativity Lab training course by IDEC in Greece

Creativity Lab

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Develop creativity skills through creative writing, story-telling, comics, animation, digital media and video art in education.

ECVET points: 3.5

Target groups

Teachers and trainers in primary, secondary schools, vocational education schools and organizations, adult learning providers.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  • Organize classes, projects and lessons using different learning means to enhance creativity in students
  • Understand the basic concepts of creativity and creation
  • Combine different techniques for developing creative lessons
  • Enhance creativity skills in classroom
  • Organize a creativity laboratory in school


  • Presentations
  • Examples and case studies
  • Workshops and exercises facilitated by the trainer

Thematic units

  • Introduction to creativity
  • Creating with words: creative writing, story telling
  • Creating with words and images: illustrated storyboards, comics
  • Creating with digital media: animation, video art
  • Organization of Creativity lab

Learning material

The learning material consists of presentations and support material in English language.


Betty Aggeletaki. Adults trainer, psychologist counselor, special education specialist.

Peny Fylaktaki. Playwright and theatre translator. She teaches translation and playwriting courses at universities. She has been awarded with the National Prize for Playwrights by the Ministry of Culture.

Polyxeni Tsopanoglou. Artist, active in the design and animation of art workshops for children, the study and realization of children's activity programs, the art direction of children's theatre. She teaches Art education for teachers and educators.

Babis Alexiadis. Animator and media artist that works between London and Athens. He works mainly with traditional animation techniques. He produces animation and film projects for interdisciplinary platforms such as theatre, site specific installations, music videos, commercials and other visual media.


Tuition fee: 350 euro per person
The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility

Cultural activities: 80 euro per person (Not applicable for the courses organised in Korinthia)
The cost includes a) a walking tour of Piraeus and welcome dinner, b) a guided tour of Athens, visit to Archaeological sites and c) common dinner with live music in Athens. The cost of local transportation and the entrance fees to sites and museums are not included.

The cost can be funded by Erasmus+ programme KA1 mobility of staff.

Further information

Lila Anthopoulou, tel: +30 2104286227, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Indicative training programme

Day 1
Presentation of participants
Expectations from the training course
Introduction to the training course, syllabus, methodology, learning outcomes
Creativity, what is it?
Why we need creativity?
How can we be more creative?
Day 2
Creative with words
Creative writing
Story telling
Day 3
The basic elements: colors, forms, schemes, structures
Creating with words and pictures
Illustrated storyboards
Day 4
Creating with digital media
Stop motion animation
Digital animation
Video art
Day 5
How to organise a Creativity lab in school
Reflexion - evaluation of the training course
Certificates – Europass Mobility

Training sessions

Location Dates
Piraeus 12-16/10/2020
Piraeus 8-12/3/2021
Piraeus 11-15/10/2021


A joyful and creative learning work with enthusiast teacher, very happy with the course. Going home with a lot of new inspiration and plans.

Claudia, CVO Antwerpen, Belgium

I really enjoyed the course! It was a great and very friendly experience for me. The trainers were wonderful! They manage to create a positive learning atmosphere. I learned many things that I will put in practice when I return to my country. It was definitely a creative course! Thank you for your hospitality!

Eleni, Primary School Latsion, Cyprus

Course means developing creative skills.

Elena, Scoala Gimnaziala comuna Timisesti, Romania

Thank you for all! You are very professional. I loved the course.

Alejandro, Escuela de Arte Toledo, Spain

The development of creativity is done without stress.

Gabriela, Scoala Gimnaziala comuna Timisesti, Romania

I really enjoyed the course, I recommend IDEC.

Marina, Primary School Giolou, Cyprus

I liked it very much!

Marta, Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal

The course was both stimulating and delivered with valuable content. Very pleasant, theoretical and practical in a balanced way. I could take it again. It tought us to remember to create and break routine and communicate that to our public. Creativity is a very underestimated subject although it is the fuel to everything we do and the way to always go forward.

Alexandra, Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est, Romania

I enjoyed it! Congratulations!

Joao, Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, Portugal

It was good inspiration for the future and a good starting point to change the way I teach at school.

Sigrid, Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Estonia

IDEC: very nice personnel!

Delia, Lycée Nic-Biever, Luxembourg

Idec is a great organization. They are all helpful and gave us the necessary information. You immediately felt welcome.

Alexia, Lycée Nic-Biever, Luxembourg

I really enjoyed the creativity lab course. Now please, fingers crossed, that I manage back home to have my creativity lab. Ok, I will have… a small one for begging.

Ivana, Primary School Grigora Viteza, Croatia

The course was very useful for my future practice as a teacher and was very fun and entertaining. Thanks to the participants and our hosts, especially Xenia and Lila. Thank you for the lovely experience!

Elena, Srednja skola Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir, Croatia

The course is very various and provides the participants with different aspects of creativity which may be used in classroom.

Anna, Gimnazjum nr 1, Poland

It is very interesting for opening the mind and do something different and useful to help to create a better atmosphere in our classes.

Augusto, Asociación Cultural Meridinao Imaginario, Spain

Well organized course and helpful teachers.

Sergül, Yeşilyazı Ortaokulu, Turkey

Creativity Lab is so contagious! Pass it on!

Jan, GO! Geel, Belgium

I highly recommend this class for everyone interested in creativity. This class offered tools to work with at my job. Group spirit was great and we had so much fun! Visiting Greece was an excellent experience!

Sonja, Raumanmeren Merimuseosäätiö sr, Finland

This course helped me a lot and it contributes to my professionalisation! I am sure I am going to use some of the things I've learned here to plan and make my own media message with my students. I got different inputs that triggered my creativity.

Marina, Osnovna škola Pantovčak, Croatia

I take a lot of inspirational ideas and challenges to my day-to-day job!

Raquel, Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança, Portugal

The most things we saw in course I already knew but I learned to see them in another perspective to use them in another way in class.

Karen, GO! Geel, Belgium

I met my learning expectations and gained more interest on those subjects. Liked the way our group was creative together and in every person a change appeared. Thank you.

Eda, Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Estonia

Really enjoyed it. Interesting and very creative ideas that helped me develop as a teacher! Go for it!

Christiana, Dimotiko Konstantinoupoleos, Cyprus

I am happy that creativity can be learned and has a process and a practice. I like controled processes and methodologies, because they are better for my way of learning. Thank you very much to all the team of trainees and to the staff, who were all really nice and lovely! See you soon!

Ivone, Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança, Portugal

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